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The Layers of Stanley Farms

When you think of Stanley Farms, you should automatically think of Vidalia Onions. If you don’t, then let us introduce you to Stanley Farms and the many layers of this family business.

This up and coming Fourth Generation Family Farm started in 1964 with Mr. R.T. Stanley, Sr. farming and developing his own land and crops in Toombs County, Georgia. He grew his first crop of sweet onions in 1975 with the help of his son, R.T. Stanley, Jr. Since then, Stanley Farms has not only farmed more than 4,000 acres of Georgia land, they have developed a diversified family business well known for the sweet Vidalia Onions.

R.T. Stanley Jr. has three sons who are all University of Georgia graduates and assist him with all aspects of the business. Brian, the oldest son, handles all sales of the fresh produce division. Tracy, the second son, handles all engineering and operations at the packing facility. Vince, the third son, handles the processing divisions of the business; known as Vidalia Valley and Vidalia Onion Farms.

Established in 1983, Vidalia Valley is the processing ‘layer’ (division) to Stanley Farms. This division of the business is a grower-direct processing facility best known for:

  • Industrial Onion Ingredients including:
    • Whole peeled Vidalia Onions and Domestic Yellow Onions
    • Sauteed Onions
    • More than 50 different bottled products that contain Vidalia Onions as the key ingredient
    • Co-Packing various recipes from cheese salsa to hot sauce

Established in 2002, Vidalia Onion Farms is the frozen ‘layer’ (division) of Stanley Farms. This division of the business is a grower-direct processing and freezing facility best known for:

  • IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Produce
    • Vidalia Onions and Domestic Yellow Onions
    • Carrots
    • Sweet Potatoes

The processing facilities are strategically located on the East Coast. With logistic/freight costs minimized and by using Stanley Farms and other locally grown produce, the processing facilities have made many Southern and East Coast customers happy!

The Stanley Family has proven over the last ten years that to sustain this tough economy, you have to diversify and develop ‘layers’ to your existing business.

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